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Dr. Prabhakar Cheriyadth

Strategic Accelerator, Real Estate Specialist, Education And Sportsman

Panos Manolopoulos

Managing Partner & Board Director Middle-East, Russia & Greater China at Stanton Chase: Executive Search & Leadership Consultants

Shiv Shivakumar

Group Exec. President- Corporate Strategy & Business Development - Aditya Birla Group

Mukundan Menon

President & COO at Blue Star Limited

Mahesh Jaishankar

CEO at Arc Solutions | Telecom Leadership | Business Builder | Wholesale Telecoms | Internet Exchanges, Data-centres & Subsea Cables Expertise |

Arijit Senchaudhuri

Entrepreneur l CX Consultant l Innovation Evangelist l Mindfulness Practitioner |Passionate Chef

Asfandyar Farrukh 

Senior Vice Chairman, Chain Store Association

Prakash Menon

Founder/ Chief Mentor -Future Leaders School /Retail Entrepreneur School

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A 360-degree learning experience for aspiring professionals

  • The 21st century professional environment is more fast-paced, competitive and unpredictable than ever before. 
  • What seemed unthinkable yesterday is either commonplace or on the verge of being introduced today.
  • As a result, there has never been a greater need to stay relevant and ahead of the game as opposed to simply keeping up. 
  • With the world becoming smaller and people (your staff and consumers or your clients) becoming increasingly savvy and wanting more than just a great product, price, service or pay packet, a reliance on just the development of technical skills in any organisation is no longer enough. 
  • Similarly, being better than 98% of the competition is no longer good enough because every single one of your competitors is just a click away. 
  • The only positioning you can count on today is being the best in the world.
  • In any organisation, the greatest strength lies not just in systems and inventory but also in the people within the business (yes, even in today’s online world). 
Yet people solely rely on effective systems and processes to maximise their own performance, as a result, winning the game in retail (or any other industry for that matter) takes a strategic combination of:
-   ‘Soft’ people related skills
-   Technical skills
-   Accountability to stay on track
-   The key drivers to ensure each move happens with precision and timeliness
  • The Future Leaders School focuses on the combination of the above alongside vocational, managerial and leadership programs for global and local retailers and those seeking to join and work in the exciting world of business.
  • Where the emphasis in any organisation used to be predominantly on process, structure and price, today the emphasis must be on innovation, inspiration, integration, differentiation and faultless execution if you want to do more than just survive.
  • The Future Leaders School has carefully designed an all encompassing, revolutionary and highly engaging courses.
  • The Future Leaders School learning series takes you on a journey to building that best in the world. 
  • It will give you a steady foundation in functional skills as well as diving into the adaptive specific skills. 
  • Whether you are a multi billion-dollar company or a one- man shop, these sound principles are the foundation to greatness. 
  • The Future Leaders School will equip you with the power to transform your company into global market leaders, while delivering outstanding profitability.
  • The Future Leaders School comprises courses taught using clear, instructional and informative videos and reading materials which include worked out examples and exercises. 
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